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What We will Do
Join us for 7 days of workshops and 5 nights parties!


Are you ready to dance?

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We are going to offer different workshops styles of forró during the festival:




There will be also different classes for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) in


Samba de gafieira 

Brazilian zouk
Lady style
Man style

Customized dance improvement

Talks about forró

Instrument musicality workshops


Monday, Wednesday and Friday the workshops will take place at the heart of the city at Chico Mendes. 
Tuesday in Aachen west at our forró dance classes school - Bleiberger Fabrik (near the centre of the city) 
Saturday and Sunday all dance classes will take place at the Intercultural Centre (near the centre of the city) 

Chico Mendes: Pontstraße 74-76, 52062 Aachen
Bleiberger Fabrik: Bleiberger Str. 2, 52074 Aachen

Intercultural Centre: Kirberichshofer Weg, 52066 Aachen

T: Topic

Please pay respect to your own an each others skills and select the workshops of your level.

Bitte respektiere deine eigenen Tanzkenntnisse und wähle die Workshops deines Levels.

Por favor, respeite suas próprias habilidades e escolha as oficinas do seu nível.

All program may be subject to change!

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